Earthdance 2009 Hampton Roads

                A Global Festival for Peace

                          September 26th 2009

           Hunt Club on London Bridge Rd. Va. Beach

All Photographs are the courtesy of

Jack Willoughby - Code Blue Photography


On August 15th Chandani's Studio in Virginia Beach hosted a successful fund raiser for Earthdance  2009 Hampton Roads. 4 well attended workshops were held from 1 until 5:45 PM. 

Chelydra from Newport News taught Gypsy-Romany skirt.

Chandani from Virginia Beach taught arm work for performance.

Janeeda from Virginia Beach taught basic zil patterns with movement.

Aela from Newport News taught Tribal-Fusion.    

 The evening gala show was very well attended also and I would like to say a well deserved "Thank You" to all those who participated in this event, teachers, performers and audience alike.   A special treat of the evening was the playing of the beautiful "peace Prayer" to begin the festivities.  Everyone stood in a big circle and held hands while it played and got a taste of what it will be like when we hook up with people all over the world playing the peace prayer simultaneously.  Below are some photos of the entire event.  Enjoy!!!!!!!!



                                                                                    Chelydra's workshop on "Gypsy-Romany skirt"



                                                                             Chandani's workshop on "beautiful arms for performance"



                                                                               Janeeda's workshop on "basic Zil patterns with movement"



                                                                                             Aela's workshop on "basic Tribal Fusion"




                                                                      The playing of the  "peace prayer" opens the evening's performances









                                                Jennifer                                                                                                                              Arafel



                                                             Ja-le                                                                                                         Josie



                                                                                Aela                                                                   Aela & student



                                                                                              Janeeda's Isis Rising Dance Ensemble






                                                         Shahri                                                                                                Tribal Fusion



                                                                                                                   Princess M



                                                                                                             Fire Dancer  Nagwa


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