yvonne                          vasu          Janeeda                                 hashmir'            greg                         alexandra              Kandace           Alima


                                                                                   Janeeda &  Isis Rising Music & Dance Ensemble

                                                                                                   Opening act for world fusion dance theatre's production of

                                                                                                 the "what if"  origins of belly dancing

                                                                What if belly dancing originated someplace other then the middle east?



                                                                                                   All photos courtesy of Jeremy Shane & Jack Willoughby


           desert wind & desert breeze dance companies                                                                    sharon & leo neito


                                 Hollywood in the "40's"                                                        "Pirates of the Caribbean"


                                              troupe mia naja                                                                                                                                 janna


                                               India/Bollywood                                                             Earthquake Prone Easter Island

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