All photos courtesy of Jeremy Shane & Jack Willoughby


                                              June 16th 2007 Caribbean Festival - Norfolk, VA

                                              Janeeda & Isis Rising Music & Dance Ensemble








                               September 14th, 2007 - Former Ambassaor to Kawait Nate Howland's Birthday

                                                       Ammos Greek Restaurant, VA. Beach





                                                                September 15th 2007  Earthdance Global Peace Festival 2007

                                                   Hunt Club Farm - Virginia Beach, VA



                                                                Attitudz Dance Studio



                                                             Desert Wind Dance Company



                                                                         The Enchantors



                                                                                                              Fire Dancers



                                                                         Wynne Paris



                                                         Isis Rising Music & Dance Ensemble



                                                                       The Desert Jewels 



                                            October 19, 2007  "The Harvest Faire" (Renn Faire)  Newport News, VA





                                         October 27th 2007 Halloween Party at The Heritage Store with

                           Scott Hellend & Samantha Stephenson The traveling Band of Gypsy Nomads &

                                                         Isis Rising Music & Dance Ensemble





                                                                    October 28th 2007   Drema Baker's Birthday Party

                                                    Bear & Drema's house in Suffolk, VA





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