Janeeda has been teaching and performing "Sacred Movement" for many years.  She's a well known Belly Dance instructor, talented performer, artistic director and principle choreographer for Isis Rising  Dance and Drum Ensemble as well as artistic director for World Fusion Dance Theatre.  She holds a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Shotokan Karate and a Black Sash in Pai Lum Kung Fu.  In addition she has varied ranks in other styles of Karate including a 1st Brown in Kempo  and.....is a talented Yang style Tai Chi instructor.  She's a certified Hatha Yoga instructor who taught Yoga classes at Tidewater Community College in Norfolk, VA where she was adjunct faculty.  Before she began her vast career in "Sacred Movement" she was a talented  musician studying classical piano.  Both her maternal grandfather and her mother were musicians playing  guitar, banjo, mandolin and piano.  She learned at an early age how to sing, play piano (her first musical love) and play lead, rhythm and bass guitars (her second musical love) .  She also sings in a concert band called "Gettin' Weir'd"  which is a tribute to the musical legacy of Bob Weir, founding member of The Grateful Dead.  She understands how energy works in the denser and finer physicals and uses this knowledge in her work as a professional hypnotist in regression therapy.  Because of her unique perspective developed over the years she has been able to bring more of an understanding to this beautiful Art Form called "Belly Dancing".  Consequently the format for her Belly Dance classes is structured to touch all levels of the human experience.  She currently writes on "Spirituality and Dance" for "Zaghareet Magazine" an international Belly Dance publication and has been published in Habibi, The Crescent Moon and Afsana, a Finish Belly Dance publication.  She is Ms. Virginia Classic Woman of the Year 2004--5 and competed in Biloxi, MS for the national crown in October of 2004 where she Belly Danced and took first place in the talent competition. 

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