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Thursday August 26th we depart for Florida to compete in the Stellar Professional Troupe Challenge.  All day workshops on Friday, Saturday and Sunday with the troupe challenge on Friday Evening!  Please wish Janeeda's Isis Rising Dance Ensemble the very best.  They've truly worked hard to meet this challenge.


Saturday September 4th join us at Ammos Greek Restaurant for our end of the summer party.  The food is exquisite, the waite staff is excellent and the entertainment is outstanding :)   

Ammos sits behind the seafood restaurant The Galley located in the Sand Castle Hotel, Virginia Beach.  It is  at the end of 14th street on Atlantic Avenue  with a  beautiful view of the ocean.

Saturday September 18th please join us at The Hunt Club on London Bridge Road in Virginia Beach for Earthdance.  A fun filled day of entertainment, food and games.  A charitable event and a Global Peace Festival.  Please go here to see the line up of entertainment and schedule.  When you arrive at the site click on the see more link and it will bring up the line up of entertainment.  You won't want to miss any of this, it's ALL good.  Isis Rising will be performing at 5:45 with solo performances by Kalima and Chezaria earlier in the day.   My favorite band "Bits and Pieces" will be performing right after the wonderful Fire Dancers and Janeeda will be singing at least one or two songs with them.

          Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                ***********************************************


  I keep this posted because it was the last theater production I produced


                     This Event was Fabulous! so check out the photos

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