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Facing oneself can be uplifting

Believe it or not this is true!!!  Please let me share what I have observed of human nature (myself included) over my years of teaching and just plain living in this earth experience. First we waste a great deal of good energy running from our negative AND positive aspects.  We’re taught at a very young age that negative thoughts are “bad” and if you have them then YOU are “bad”. Well, that is simply not true.

First of all at that age you are not able to discern the difference between thoughts passing through your mind and who you are. We are not originators of thought in spite of what are little egos like to believe.  The same thoughts are in the “thought stream” for everyone. It just depends on what your innate desires are as to which thoughts you draw to yourself and feed your energy to. Your energy  i.e. attention, is what gives those thoughts life.  Your energy flows to where your awareness goes and your energy gives life to whatever you give your attention to.

So, as a child if you’re caught doing something that is off limits to you in an adult world (taking a delicious cookie without asking) you’re most likely told you’re a “bad” girl or “bad” boy. If you’re told that enough then you will begin to believe what’s being said.  Then one of two things happens. You either try to comply to the authority figure and truly want to be looked upon as being a “good person” or…conversely now believing you’re “bad” you get even “badder” (is there such a word?) because you’ve found out you get a lot of attention (energy) being “bad”. And besides, you probably were enjoying yourself at the time and cannot understand why it was a bad thing to do and not only that now you’re a bad person for enjoying something.

So what is the final outcome of this method of programming?  Neither outcome is particularly uplifting because both will be denying a side of themselves they need to embrace to become whole. So that will affect every aspect of your life and you will never really get to know yourself completely.

Please let me share a story with you that will maybe give some of my sisters in dance an “epiphany.

There is a book titled “Zero Limits” and is written by Joe Vitale and Ihaleakala Hew Len about Ihaleakala Hew Len a Psychologist and Hawaiian Kahuna. It’s a fascinating story about an educated psychologist employing an ancient Hawiian Kashuna technique to help heal his patients. Bottom line that I picked up from this technique is that it consists of self reflection on a deep level, where one can recognize the same traits in himself as he sees in his patient.  We’re all the same and have "each others everything" so he uses that recognition to clear himself and it will clear his patient of those traits also.

Read the book, it’s remarkable what he did and it’s all documented and public record. Th state hired him as the resident psychologist for a ward of what was termed “the incurable criminally insane” in the state mental hospital.  It was a ward that had a huge turnover of employees because they were frightened.  These mentally, emotionally and spiritually insane individuals were dangerous, many had tortured and killed numerous times. Some were even shackled to the walls they were so violent.

He never had any standard “sessions” with any of these individuals, never even talked with any of them at any time during his stay there. He would leave his office in the morning and walk the ward looking at each patient until one struck him for that day. He would go back to his office and review that person’s case file reading every vile thing that person had done. Then go into deep meditation and find those same things in himself and realize that given a certain set of circumstances he could do the same vile things himself.


Once he would see those things in himself he would talk to his God and say,

“I’m sorry for being that way, please forgive me, thank you and I love you.” But…you have to really mean it when you say it, those forces you’re talking to know the difference.

When you get the knack of doing this it’s quite liberating because you eventually realize that everyone is the same, and it’s your choices in life that define you as a person.  This is a very introspective mind and spiritual technique. It’s called Ho’Oponopono The Hawaiian ritual for forgiveness.  I have shared this with a lot of people, mostly close friends, students etc.   I’m tying this in with this article because it is the best technique I know to help an individual become balanced and whole  within oneself during this physical experience. 

If you deny the negative aspects of yourself you never completely become whole, whatever it is that you do in life will never be fully illuminated because it will lack a wonderful, balanced flow of energy within.  In other words, no real passion.

Conversely if you get caught in the trap of consuming negative energy you deny in whole or in part the beautiful, loving side of yourself creating varying degrees of unbalanced compassionless souls.

No matter what is going on outside of yourself always try to look at things objectively so you can see and understand your own environment. Meditation will center and help balance you and give you the privilege of observing your own self by what is around you in your world.  These things will help you shine in your world, not egotistically but in a balanced manner.

That must be why we Belly Dancers like glittery things, we all want to shine. J

Til next time keep undulating and spiraling those energies ever upward.

Copyright 2016 © Janeeda Phillips all rights reserved

Janeeda has studied and taught a multitude of Art Forms for close to 45 years.  She’s a well known Middle Eastern performer, choreographer, dance & Yoga instructor and musician/vocalist in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia and is well respected by top professionals in the performing arts. She has for many years taught Belly Dance as a wonderful method for “Self Discovery”   and considers it to be one of the most empowering forms of movement there is.





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