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Living in Appreciation

This is truly something we all need to do. Unfortunately most of us donít, we just take things for granted and forget to be thankful. I believe that a great many of us (especially in western civilizations) are spoiled. We have "things" that we sometimes measure our own self worth with and, also others as well.

We have evolved to the place in time where the average person born in western society is well taken care of. Everything is provided for us (if we fall into this category) until we are properly educated to be able to take care of not only our own selves but also in adulthood, a family. I think if one has matured into a somewhat emotionally stable adult then we can appreciate what we have been given and try in our own manner to give back. Not because we have been taught that "this is what weíre "supposed to do" but because we know and feel in our hearts that giving back in our own way, is good for all concerned. Being able to appreciate life in all itsí positives AND especially so-called negatives is healthy and balanced for body, mind, emotion and spirit. Itís truly easy to feel good about oneís own self when all things are flowing fairly easy..The test comes when things seem to be falling apart i.e. what we call negative stuff but thatís always the great learning curve..

I read Tarot cards occasionally and when I see something that is unpleasant in a personís spread I always tell them to stop looking down and smelling the s__t. We live in an existence where all great and beautiful life springs from decay and s__t!!! Look up and see the beautiful flower that is growing from all that decay. This whole existence is based on recycling of dead matter, so when something is no longer working for an individual itís time to move on and let that die. Just watch the beautiful flower that grows from letting go.

Things are always changing, we live in a plane of change. That is the only constant so if youíre aware of this it can shield you from going through chaos in your future. There is good karma and bad karma and ultimately everything that happens is a learning experience andÖfor the good of all concerned. Itís all weights and measures and all has to balance in the end.

When youíre a child you have no control over what goes on in your life, you are essentially reaping what has been sown even though you are not consciously aware of that. As an adult you do have control and it is up to you to break away from the negative patterns you have been programmed with, and it is a programming. If you are successful in doing this you will be able to perceive that an action taken at this point in time if watered and cared for will flower into what you have planted. Sow positive seeds my friends for they will bring you beautiful flowers.

I believe most of us became interested in Belly Dancing because we were searching for our own selves, just who we actually are and can be. A lot of students come in after a life changing circumstance where they have already been stripped of who they thought they were. They are searching to bring some joy and happiness into their lives and perhaps rebuild a shattered self image. If they stick with it they eventually peel a lot of damaging layers from their beings and begin to touch some beautiful parts of themselves they had buried. Belly Dancing can be a "Barefoot Alchemy for Personal Transformation".

Thatís what my web site states and also the book I have written and never published because of so many health challenges in my own life. Iíve come through those challenges with a little more appreciation of what and who I have around me (so much talent) and where Iím at right now. I have reached a point where Iím beginning to feel inspired once more. I believe I might publish that book this coming year. I wrote it to help dancers be able to better understand themselves and those around them. None of us is that much different from one another. Itís only ego that makes us think that and if weíre able to understand our own selves then it becomes easy to understand and have compassion for not only those closest to us but those we interact with on a daily basis, like "sister dancers".

Have you noticed that none of us is ever really satisfied with anything we do? Well, there seems to be an innate drive in us never to be satisfied but to want to improve on whatever we do and so it should be. We should never be completely satisfied or content with ourselves and where we are at in the moment. Now, being discontent can sometimes make us dislike where weíve been and where weíre at but remember in those moments that those are the experiences that brought us to where we are right now. Appreciate those experiences, and whether you judge them good or bad doesnít matter itís all a positive learning process. They made you who you are and brought you to this moment where youíre hopefully seeing more positive things in your life. Just being involved in this beautiful art form is great for the spirit if you can get out of that competitive mode. What this all means is thereís more, lots more to grow into and as long as youíre growing you will never die.

When you give you create a flow. Giving creates a vacuum and nature abhors a vacuum so it fills, this is a flow. This dance is flow or it should be, and itís beautiful when the dancer flows, I donít think any belly dance aficionado will deny that. That flow develops when you learn to let go of your perceived image of who you are and let who you really are come through. These attributes seem to develop slowly and they should. That way you can manage them properly. It takes dedication, discipline and persistence to accomplish this feat. Always remember, persistence wears down resistance. And when you have accomplished something, even a little something, appreciate it. It will always grow from that and be more meaningful in your life.

Any kind of flow, whether itís energy, water etc. needs to be guided. Iíve had students that have a completely natural flow but no idea how to guide or control it so itís a bit "wild" if you will. So even if you have a natural flow it needs to be disciplined and dynamics have to be added to that or your presentation will be flat.

Sometimes we donít realize what we have because we think if we have talent it should just be there. Not so for most of us, we have to study and work at it. Raw talent is great but itís like a diamond in the rough, it needs to be polished to shine. Besides, there is satisfaction and appreciation when weíve worked hard for something and it bears fruit. Perhaps thatís the truly great lesson after all. LIVE IN APPRECIATION OF WHAT YOU HAVE and then share, pass it on. Meditate and this will help to open the floodgates for a wonderful flow.

Til next time keep undulating and spiraling those energies ever upward.

Copyright 2016 © Janeeda Phillips all rights reserved

Janeeda has studied and taught a multitude of Art Forms for close to 45 years. Sheís a well known Middle Eastern performer, choreographer, dance & Yoga instructor and musician/vocalist in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia and is well respected by top professionals in the performing arts. She has for many years taught Belly Dance as a wonderful method for "Self Discovery" and considers it to be one of the most empowering forms of movement there is.









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