Spirituality and dance

And God “said” Let there be light. Sound (frequency) came first.  From formlessness comes form, when you add sound.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”   ―Nikola Tesla

In this article I want to talk about the art of choosing music for your dance performance that will resonate with your own personal frequencies.

Years ago the word we used for frequencies was “vibes or vibrations” and it’s still used in conversation to express feelings.  That was a good vibe or that was a bad vide etc. meaning the “frequency I felt was oscillating at a harmonious rate (happiness, love, etc.)  or discordant rate (anger, hate).

Everything in this life has a frequency, science knows this.  There have been many studies done on how frequency affects consciousness and matter it’s named the science of “Cymatics”.  There’s a ton of information on the internet concerning this science. Check it out, it’s pretty amazing.  Frequencies will make patterns in water, sand, sugar, salt, metal filings or any substance that can easily shift.  As a matter of fact they look like “crop circles” only smaller. 

Experiments using sand on a metal plate and dialing different frequencies causes the sand to constantly shift into different patterns as the frequency is changed. Some are very beautiful while others are not so harmonious.  There have been more sophisticated studies done on computers using colors.  The discordant frequencies can be seen as somewhat less beautiful and more chaotic depending on what frequency was used. 

There have been many studies done with frequencies and water.  I watched a video on Facebook where a man had hooked up his water hose in an elevated position to a sound system and the frequencies made the water spiral down and then he changed it and the water spiraled up.  It was pretty amazing to be able to see how frequencies affect liquid.

Now, think about the human body being made up of over 70% water.  That fact was a huge enlightenment to me in studying this science. It helped me to clearly understand how our bodies and minds can be calmed by harmonious, earth friendly frequencies or…can be made to feel agitated and out of sorts caused by frequencies that are off just enough to be slightly dissident.  Kind of scary when you really think about it.  One’s awareness of this should help to overcome being controlled by these things.  It should make you question why you’re feeling out of sorts when there is nothing obvious causing this feeling.

There are signals passing through us all the time, we just can’t see them. We can feel the effects of whichever frequency it is but we don’t understand that it’s a frequency that’s causing a side affect like a headache etc. That’s why earth friendly frequencies are best for all living matter.  They will help to keep a body in balance and help bring a body that is out of phase back into balance.  There are tools in alternative medicine that work with frequencies to facilitate healing. 

Musicians used to tune their instruments to the earth friendly frequency of  A432 hz. That’s the measurement of how many times a sound frequency oscillates per second. Just before world war 2 “they”, the ever elusive “they”, made the standard for tuning instruments to A440hz so, most everyone around the world now tunes to A440.  Those oscillations cause a slight irritation, not enough to let you realize it consciously but if you know yourself fairly well, certainly enough to make you feel on edge without knowing why. However, sometimes when music irritates you do know it’s the music but don’t understand the science behind it.

Now, I’m not sure but I do think a lot of middle eastern musicians tune to 432.  Some middle eastern music resonates with me and some of it doesn’t.  For the most part Egyptian music doesn’t move me to Belly Dance.  I don’t consider it real “Belly Dancing” music for soloing.  However, I do like some pieces for troupe choreography, like Babalesque.  It’s big and grand and can be spectacular for a floor show.

I love the vibrations from an Oud, they move me and speak Belly Dancer to me.  It’s probably the lower sound of an Oud (vibrating the lower Chakras) that move me.  There are those involved in the Martial Arts that call this dance a “Tan Tien” or lower Chakra, earth dance and they would be right.  When those centers are activated the energy should be pulled up using spirals and undulations so the whole body can benefit. That’s what’s so wonderful about this very beautiful, empowering and healing art form.  Those energies heal and empower even if you aren’t aware of what’s taking place at the time.  It’s slow, a little at a time if you’re consistent.  After all, if you have a problem it didn’t appear instantly, it was probably many years in the making and the healing will take time too. 

Now, I’ve observed from teaching classes for so many years that the time for this can be shortened.  If a dancer is adept at picking music that resonates with her own personal frequency then the time can be shortened for empowerment and healing to take place. 

OK you say, how does one do this extraordinary thing when it’s difficult to even understand what this is all about.  It will take a little focus and introspection to accomplish.  You need to pay close attention to how a piece of music affects your body, mind and spirit.   If a piece of music is recommended to you by a sister dancer learn not to take her or anyone’s word for it and subsequently think you have to like it for yourself. Remember, we all resonate a little differently from each other, we’re not the same.  Listen to yourself, you’re a unique individual and because of this the choices you make will more than likely be different.  Perhaps the piece of music might resonate with you also, after all we’ve been drawn to the same art form and as such could be very close in personal, resonating frequencies. 

My best advice is to keep an open mind and be discerning when picking music.  With myself I have always picked music when it makes me “feel” good.  I’m fortunate in that I’m sensitive to energy vibrations.  Certain music builds energy in my body that I can easily feel, middle eastern music has always done that for me, some pieces more than others for sure. 

Listen to music by yourself to be able to know if it moves you.  It’s very difficult to do this with others around, it’s too easy to become distracted.  Once you become comfortable being introspective you will be able to discern what piece of music is giving you positive energy, Some music you will discover does absolutely nothing for you and some will cause a slight irritation.  Obviously those pieces of music you shouldn’t use because they will do nothing positive for your performance or your audience.  If you express beautiful, positive energy enhanced by your choice of music in your performance your audience will resonate to those energies also making it a happy event all around.

So now that you hopefully have a better understanding on how to enhance positive energy with the proper frequencies for you, until next time keep undulating and spiraling those newly enhanced  energies ever upward.

 Copyright 2015 © Janeeda Phillips all rights reserved

Janeeda has studied and taught a multitude of Art Forms for close to 45 years.  She’s a well known Middle Eastern performer, choreographer and dance & Yoga instructor in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia and is well respected by top professionals in the performing arts.  She has for many years taught Belly Dancing as a wonderful method for “Self Discovery” and considers it to be one of the most empowering forms of movement there is





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